MBBS Abroad in Countries like Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, China & Philippines


There are many Indian students who want to pursue MBBS abroad in Countries like Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, China and Philippines.

If you are one among them, you must consider these points seriously :

1. Joining a medical university abroad doesn’t mean that you will become a doctor.

2. There are many hardships waiting for you. You have to adjust everything. In most of the places, you have to cook your own food. You must adapt yourselves according to the country’s climate and culture!

3. Most of the universities have strict expel system which will expel you out of the university for various reasons like not passing exams within the given number of chances, numerous absence, liquor bottles found in your room, etc.

4. In most of these universities, you have to pay the fees in USD. The value of USD increases every year, so does your fees in INR.

5. After great difficulties, you will complete the course and return India. Now, you will have to clear the screening test conducted by the NBE and get a provisional registration. Then you have to undergo one year internship to get the permanent registration. The MCI will take minimum 3 months to give you internship and take minimum 5 months to give you permanent registration(after the completion of internship)

6. If you want to work in some other couuntries like the US,UK,Australia,Canada etc you have to pay for their exams(this is really high for a student from middle class family), clear them and wait for jobs!!

So please think before you decide to study MBBS abroad.

If you are really a passionate student and if you are ready to work hard(think practically whether you can work hard amid-st difficult situations in a foreign country, don’t just say ‘I can work hard’), you can very well join these universities and pursue medicine. The quality of medical education in these universities is much better than many private colleges in India, but the number of patients and the variety of cases in these hospitals is very low and it requires the knowledge of the local language to learn better.

If you pursue medicine sincerely for 5 or 6 years in these universities, sure you will have a bright future as a doctor in India or somewhere else in this world.

Many Indian students go abroad for MBBS because of their curiosity for abroad education without thinking all these difficulties.

Many Indians (including Indian doctors) think that getting MBBS degree from foreign universities is a very easy task. This is not true. It requires ultimate hard work and patience.