HRD Solutions combine the knowledge and expertise of a seasoned in-house HR department with the flexibility that outsourced consultancy provides, supporting your business at the times that you need it.

hrd“Selective Edutech Consultants” offer strategic HRD solutions which help the clients free up their invaluable resources and deploy them in other important areas. “Selective” specializes in partnering with new organisations to establish HR departments and formulate and customise critical HR policies and procedures that are integral to the functioning of a highly efficient department and, on a wider scale, organisation.

We take a different approach to outsourced HR, supplying a range of consultancy packages, administrative HR functions and ad-hoc services that meet our clients’ needs without any hidden costs or unnecessary extras.

“Selective Edutech Consultants” also provides consultation for existing companies that wish to totally revamp their HR departments and start afresh with HR best practices and current policies and procedures.

Our services includes:

HR Policies Manual
A comprehensive and an integrated HR Policy manual, customized to suit the vision and objectives set by the organisation, which works as a ready reckoner for its people. This also works as a handy resource guide to maintain uniformity and transparency across the organisation.

Training and Development
Designing a complete cycle from the most appropriate Training need identification method to execution, evaluation and feedback of the Training. This can be helpful in generation of Return on Investment (RoI) for the organisation.

Human Resources Planning
Designing a plan for getting a deeper insight into just not the no. of people required for the current organisation but also in terms of future requirements of skill sets and competencies.

Organisational Restructuring
Sustainable as well as scalable business-driven organisational structure for current and future business sceniario(s) and plans, with clear understanding about the hierarchical levels and designations.

Performance Management
Defining specific, measurable, quantifiable and achievable goals with transparent and simple Performance review processes. This facilitates career planning and development system.