Want to Pursue MBA? How to Prepare for GMAT Exams


If you are going to pursue MBA in a business school, there are chances that you have to take GMAT test. There are thousands of business schools worldwide which consider the results of applicants on the test so they can device whether to accept them into their programs. So, it is sure that it is wise to add the test in your scholastic plans. Though it is no guarantee that you will enter into your desired business school with GMAT exam, it will surely help you to get admissions. To prepare for a 3 ½ hour exam, a perfect study approach is a must, as suggested by the admission consultants for MBA.


Test Structure

First of all, you should ask about the test structure from the admission consultants for MBA. The GMAT exam consists of four sections to complete within 3 ½ hours –

  • Analytical Writing Assessment – 30 Minutes on any one topic
  • Integrated Reasoning – 30 Minutes for 12 questions
  • Quantitative – 37 questions (75 minutes)
  • Verbal – 41 questions (75 minutes)


It is very important to know the test structure as it will give you an idea to study and take practical exams, and to learn how to get the most of limited time to prepare for real GMAT test. Luckily, you can conduct practice tests online which have timing and give you the real feeling of GMAT test.


Take Practice Test

By considering the test structure and type of questions to be asked, take practice test to find out where you are at in readiness. There are several tests for GMAT preparation to take for free. So, you need to gather all the important resources. Don’t skip this step.


Evaluate the Target Score

If you have already decided which business school to choose, it is also important to investigate what score range they want from their applicants. So, you can easily determine how close you are to your destination by taking practice test. Basically, you need to gain at least 700 to enroll in the top 10 business schools.


Know the Shortcoming

After taking the practice test, you can easily find out which sections are most difficult. You may take the free diagnostic test to help identify the areas you can work on. Once you’ve found your weakness, you can take some of your study type on such areas. You will want to look for admission consultants for MBA to focus on different sections.



By following the above steps, you are ready for GMAT test to come. With right work ethic and plan, you will definitely get some kind of grade that you can get into your business school. There are several business school need applicants to take test.


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